Frequently Asked Questions

How can we benefit from the status vacant hotel rooms ?

For information on the status of empty nikan hotel rooms in bafq can see through the empty rooms page and empty rooms list and booked a room according to need room for online booking .
You can also phone number listed on the page associated with the hotel , please contact with our consultants so that they can advise you .

How do book a room online ?

After registering the site , you can refer to rooms page and see the hotel rooms listed you will receive comprehensive information after click on the item foreside the room . it is determined in the rooms status item with status the room is in . you can click on the online booking item to determine arrival and departure date and also to book a room for 2 rooms .
To conform booking , you should pay the room cost .

If you do not pay for rooms reserved what happens after 2 hours ?

The room will be out of your reserved and will be at the disposal of other users . it is mentioned if it happens , you should start booking repeatedly .

What is the final room booking ensure ?

After booking and pay for it , there will be sent a message to you containing final confirm of the room booking from bafq nikan hotel .